Ministry of Environment – Environmental Assessment Comments

Oakville, Ontario, November 8, 2002 – The government review team has completed
their review of the Environmental Assessment (EA) and the Director of Environmental
Assessment and Approvals has advised BENNETT that, as provided in Section 7 (4) of
the Environmental Assessment Act, the review has identified areas requiring
clarifications and corrections. The Act under Section 7 (5) only provides a period of
seven days for the proponent to address issues identified. Alternatively, the Act
provides an opportunity for the proponent to resubmit the EA.
From the outset BENNETT has been committed to full and comprehensive consultation
and volunteered to undertake the EA process. We believe that, in the best interest of all
stakeholders, it is prudent to take sufficient time to review all of the comments and
provide the information and necessary amendments. Therefore BENNETT has decided
to withdraw and resubmit the EA. Final approval for this project is now expected by Q2

“The government review team has identified items as simple as typographical errors
and as complex as questions related to the air dispersion modeling. While all of these
issues can be readily explained, we cannot adequately address these issues within the
seven-day statutory time limit. Our EA submission is a very comprehensive document
containing over 2,500 pages of charts, facts and data; it is in everybody’s interest that
we take the time to adequately address and validate each identified item” said Danny
The revised EA documents will address all concerns raised by the government review
team and stakeholders. More importantly, this will provide all stakeholders the
opportunity to comment on the set of revised documents.

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