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Keep the Environment Clean with These Storage Tips

Our environment is severely being affected by our activities. There are several organizations that are trying to reduce these effects by bringing awareness to the people but they have only achieved a minimum success as most of the people don’t understand the importance of keeping their environment clean.

There are several areas where we have started using reusable equipment to reduce the damage but still, there is a lack of awareness that is meant to be covered as soon as possible otherwise, we’ll have to face dangerous environmental effects. Storage spaces are a severe threat to the cleanliness of our planet as a huge amount of waste material is produced by these spaces that is completely useless for us.

This will become a major threat to our environment if we couldn’t control it today. Therefore, we have searched a few ways that can help us reduce this damage significantly. The tips we are going to mention here are extremely effective and they’ll definitely help make our environment clean. You should also put your interest in making the environment clean because it is good for your own health.

Keep a focus on these things when you are going to buy a storage space for your equipment.

Reusable boxes

Put all the equipment in the reusable boxes. Cardboard boxes are not useful and they are only good for one-time usage. After that they become useless and that’s why they are thrown away. Reusable boxes are a long-term solution and they’ll also keep your equipment safe and secure in the storage.

At the time of moving the equipment from storage, you won’t have to bring new boxes for packing as your old boxes are already there. Reusable boxes are durable and you can use them as long as you want.

Harmful Chemicals

Avoid putting harmful chemicals in the storage as if they got broken in the storage they’ll affect all the equipment around them and they’ll also cause bad effects to the environment. If you’re in extreme need of putting those chemicals in the storage, you must inform the manager about it. They’ll definitely arrange a secure place for keeping these chemicals.

Mini Storage space is the best option for keeping these chemicals. There are different sections made in the mini storage space for such equipment. If you’re looking to choose the Best Rated Mini-Storage Units – Click here. It may cost you some extra money to put those chemicals in a secure place but it is good for the rest of the equipment and also for the environment.

Stay in touch

Keep visiting the storage space after putting your equipment there so that you can keep an eye on your equipment. If you didn’t contact them for a specific period of time and didn’t even pay the charges, they’ll probably throw your equipment away as it will be a waste for them.

How to go green with your office

Environment sustainability isn’t only important in the home but in the office as well. If you’re looking to make your office more sustainable, then you must take a look at the tips we’re going to share in this article. These tips will help you learn how you can embrace paperless meetings and natural light.

There aren’t many products that can help you go green, and that includes furniture.  However, we’ve found that one company is starting to adopt this trend with their standing desks and how they build them. If you want to buy the standing desk, you may take a look at the best standing desk here.

Other than that though, there are several ways that employees and enterprises can adopt to go green. Here are the ways that will help you make your office go green.

Sustainability team

A sustainability team will not only raise the awareness but they will also accomplish more and more tasks. Helping to inform purchasing decisions on green cleaning supplies and energy-efficient appliances and starting a more successful recycling program can be included in the projects of this team.

Such team can also conduct several informational sessions where they’ll educate the staff.

Create monthly green challenges

It can be a great way of stepping forward to going green because it brings a sense of competition in employees. You can challenge several tasks to the employees and then reward them for sticking with it.

Turn off the energy consuming appliances

Lights, electronics, and heat appliances consume a lot of energy. You must turn them off when they’re not needed. When leaving the office, all the energy consuming equipment should be turned off at the main plug.


Recycling is another useful way of going green. The best way of starting this practice is placing the recycling bins for customers and employees around the office. Every day a huge amount of soda cans and water bottles are thrown away.

Purchasing the recycled paper towels or printing paper is another useful way of recycling. Lastly, instead of tossing the outdated items, try to recycle them. You can recycle copiers, old printers, and computers.

Cleaning Products

Using the green cleaning products helps you save the money and stay healthier as well as saving the environment. You can use the baking soda or vinegar instead of the chemicals and odd products. It will definitely help in cutting the costs.

Maximize the natural light

It will help you save a lot of money on the energy costs. And it will also help you improve your health because natural light has many useful ingredients in it.

These are the easy ways that you can adopt in your office to go green.

BENNETT Defends its Reputation

Oakville, Ontario, October 17, 2002 – Bennett Environmental Inc., a North American
leader in the high temperature treatment of contaminated soils, currently applying to
locate a thermal oxidizer in Kirkland Lake to treat contaminated soils, has launched a
multi-million dollar libel action against a Brampton company that produced a report
dealing with the proposed facility.
Named in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice suit are BEAK Management Consulting,
BEAK International Incorporated and Mr. Peter Nicoll, Vice President, Health, Safety
and Environment Strategy of BEAK, also author of the said report.
In the suit, filed October 17, 2002, BENNETT claims that Nicoll, at a press conference in
Toronto on August 8, 2002 used “false, malicious and libellous” words to describe
BENNETT Environmental and its proposed incinerator project.
In the initial statement of claim BENNETT has filed for libel, malicious falsehood,
aggravated damages and punitive damages. This does not include “special damages”
which will be specified before trial. The Company also notes that it has “suffered
damage to its reputation and stock value,” as a result of the BEAK report. The
Company is also seeking costs.
Danny Ponn, Chief Operating Officer at BENNETT’s head office in Oakville, said the
Company has been trying to get a copy of the body of the report from BEAK for review.
“We do not believe that Beak’s conclusions were scientifically justified and should be
withdrawn. We were left with no alternative but to pursue this matter in the courts,” said
Ponn. “BEAK was claiming to have conducted a “semi quantitative screening
assessment” of our proposal, but we know they could not have the information to come
to the strong conclusions that they arrived at. They released two pages of a 34-page
document and refused to make public the balance of their report so we could respond to
what they were talking about.”
Company founder and CEO John Bennett said he regretted having to take the matter to
court but “there comes a time when you have to defend your reputation. Our Company
has an excellent track record in cleaning up the environment,” said the CEO. “We are
confident that our technology does not pollute and we have decided that we will defend
our reputation and our credibility as vigorously as we can. We will not allow ourselves
to be smeared”.
Ponn noted that “people have the right to protest and to voice their opinion against any
project they may not want in their area, but that does not mean you can say anything
you want without having to justify it. It is also a totally different matter when a company
with scientific expertise generates a report that is not scientifically justified.

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Ministry of Environment – Environmental Assessment Comments

Oakville, Ontario, November 8, 2002 – The government review team has completed
their review of the Environmental Assessment (EA) and the Director of Environmental
Assessment and Approvals has advised BENNETT that, as provided in Section 7 (4) of
the Environmental Assessment Act, the review has identified areas requiring
clarifications and corrections. The Act under Section 7 (5) only provides a period of
seven days for the proponent to address issues identified. Alternatively, the Act
provides an opportunity for the proponent to resubmit the EA.
From the outset BENNETT has been committed to full and comprehensive consultation
and volunteered to undertake the EA process. We believe that, in the best interest of all
stakeholders, it is prudent to take sufficient time to review all of the comments and
provide the information and necessary amendments. Therefore BENNETT has decided
to withdraw and resubmit the EA. Final approval for this project is now expected by Q2

“The government review team has identified items as simple as typographical errors
and as complex as questions related to the air dispersion modeling. While all of these
issues can be readily explained, we cannot adequately address these issues within the
seven-day statutory time limit. Our EA submission is a very comprehensive document
containing over 2,500 pages of charts, facts and data; it is in everybody’s interest that
we take the time to adequately address and validate each identified item” said Danny
The revised EA documents will address all concerns raised by the government review
team and stakeholders. More importantly, this will provide all stakeholders the
opportunity to comment on the set of revised documents.

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