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Bennett Environmental Inc. is a recognized North American leader in high temperature treatment services for the remediation of contaminated soils and other PCB contaminated construction debris and provides thermal solutions to contamination problems throughout Canada and the U.S. At Bennett, we are committed to helping customers solve the problem of liability for contaminated soil in an effective, economical and environmentally responsible manner.

Remediation of contaminated sites is a growing environmental issue. The worldwide increase of environmental awareness has resulted in new laws and regulations governing all aspects of waste storage, treatment, and disposal. Recent restrictions on the disposal of untreated contaminated soil into landfills have lead to significant growth in the soil treatment market.

High temperature thermal processing is a complete, permanent and safe solution for the treatment of contaminated soils and is recognized as the Best Demonstrated Available Technology by both government agencies and companies alike. Bennett has developed the Mark IV Thermal Oxidizer, which uses high temperature thermal processing, and permanently treats soil contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons with 99.9999% efficiency. This proprietary technology provides a safe, economical and permanent solution to contaminated soil and other contaminated construction materials. Independent testing has consistently proven that the technology meets most stringent criteria in North America.

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