How are forest fires affecting the environment?

Forests are the most important element on this earth as they help us breathe freely in the air. The forests produce a huge amount of oxygen daily that is extremely important for our survival. The forests also have a huge amount of animal species living in them. We also get the wood from the forests for several purposes such as manufacturing the furniture or preparing the paper etc.

A wide range of herbs is also produced in the forests that are used to prepare medications for several diseases. The presence of a huge amount of benefits makes it important for us that we take good care of the forests so that we can survive in this world. Recently, forest fires in different areas of the world have become a major threat to the survival of humans.

These fires are severely affecting the environment and different Fire Watch Services are trying their best to introduce some new and effective ways to avoid such incidents in the future. Because if it kept going the same way, our lives will be at a great risk. Let’s take a look at how forest fires are affecting our environment.


Oxygen is the most important element for the survival of humanity. We breathe in oxygen to stay alive. Imagine, what would happen if the oxygen disappears from the earth? Definitely, there will be no creature left on the earth if this happens. That’s why the survival of forests is extremely important for the survival of humans.

There are several wildlife departments that are putting all their efforts into growing more forests and saving the present forests from all the dangerous situations. We should also try our best to save the forests as they are essential for our survival.


Whenever a fire takes place in a forest, it destroys all the creatures and species of animals in it. Most of the animals die in such conditions and only a few can make it get out of the situation.

Both are a real threat to us. Those who have survived the fire will move to the cities where they can cause any harm to anyone.

And those who have died are also harmful to us as the harmful chemicals getting out of their body after being burnt are extremely dangerous for our environment. So, we need to stop such kind of incidents are soon as possible.


The ozone layer is used to prevent the earth from harmful radiations of Sun. The problem arising these days is that the forest fires are causing severe effects to the ozone layer due to which is constantly being damaged. If it kept going the same way, the ozone won’t be able to prevent the earth from severe radiations anymore and our planet will burst into pieces once those powerful radiations touch the earth.

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